Recommended Attractions for Visiting Beijing in Autumn

Autumn is one of a season to visit Beijing for its fine weather and colorful scenery. Beijing autumn usually lasts two months from mid September to November. The temperature of this season is appropriate, scenery is beautiful. To help your Beijing tour, here are some recommended things to do in the golden autumn Beijing.

1. Appreciate Autumn Red Leaves
Beijing Fragrant Hill is one of the most famous places to see the red leaves. And will also hold red leaves festival every Mid-October to Mid-November. Visit the red and golden leaves all over the mountain, see the clear blue sky, which is an amazing experience. 
2. Take a Great Wall Hiking Tour
Autumn is an idea season to hike the Great Wall because of its fine weather. Enjoy a comfortable autumn, breath the clean airs, look out the blue sky, hike the Great wall. This will be a pleasant outdoor activities for all travelers.
Xiangshan Park