Art of Beijing, China - 798 Art District

798 Art District is a world-famous, stylish and vibrant cultural and creative industry gathering area. Art district often held important international art exhibitions, attracting many world political dignitaries, film stars, celebrities to 798 visit. Since 2004, the Prime Minister of Sweden, the Prime Minister of Switzerland, the German Prime Minister (Schroeder), the Austrian Prime Minister, the President of the European Union (Barroso), the Belgian Princess, Mrs. Annan, the President of France, Mrs. Chirac, the Prime Minister of Norway, the Crown Prince of Belgium, the President of France (Sarkozy), the International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge has visited the 798 Art District.

2003 Beijing 798 Art District was selected as one of the most cultural landmark of the 22 City Art Center by the United States "Time". Today, 798 Art District has not only a new business card in Beijing, but also specimens of the construction of Chinese cultural and creative industrial park.
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798 Art District