Personalized Culture Beijing Walking Tour

First of all, we walk to the Lama Temple, in addition to Tibet, Lama Temple is the most complete and the largest Lama temple in China. Then visit the Imperial Street, Yuan, Ming and Qing three dynasties worship the place of Confucius is also in this street. Then we went through the Drum Tower East Street to visit bell tower and Drum Tower. "Qianlong Yu monument" at the middle of Bell tower detailed records of the situation at that time. We walk in the north of the door, There is a the oldest oblique street in Beijing City, called the cigarette bag askew street. This street is from east to west, about three hundred meters long. 
Then we visit the silver ingot bridge alley, it is located in the northeast of Xicheng District, named as the northern end has alley bridge, Silver bridge was built in the Ming Dynasty, the whole bridge resembles the silver ingot, hence the name.
If you want to study the ancient culture of Beijing, you can travel according to our Beijing walking tour.
Beijing Walking Tour